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SAT tutoring just took a huge leap forward.

Classes are mediocre. Local tutors are risky. You deserve better.

What makes our tutors so good?

Best applicants

We pay top rates and recruit from around the country. The best tutors want to work at truePrep.

Selective hiring

We personally evaluate tutors based on experience, personality, and teaching ability.

Rigorous training

We make great tutors better after 15 hours of training, certifying them to teach the truePrep curriculum.

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Why does our curriculum use 562 distinct lessons?

You are unique, that’s why

TruePrep proudly relies on science and data to shape your SAT prep, not the tutor’s “gut instinct”. Unlike our competitors’ one-size-fits-all approach, no two truePrep programs are the same!

Our SAT experts worked over 12,000 hours

to build the most granular and needs-targeted curriculum in the world. Using your diagnostic exam and our fancy algorithm, we select 30-40 specific lessons to create your hyper-customized program. You only work on the micro-topics, and within the difficulty levels, that will result in the highest score increases.

How does truePrep work?

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What is the truePrep SAT Program?

  • 15 hours of one-on-one, online tutoring
  • Fully customized, individual lesson plan
  • Diagnostic exam and comprehensive score reports
  • Two practice exams
  • Program recalibration following each practice test
  • Personalized homework
  • Official SAT Study Guide


Meet a trueTutor


Yale University

When it comes to the SAT, Pete’s got your back. After graduating with distinction from Yale’s theater program, Pete decided to take his charisma to the teaching world — we make him take a bow after every tutoring session. Pete is also a crucial member of our curriculum development team and has spent hours experimenting with every SAT method to find the strategies that actually work.


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% of students see 50+ point increase improvement within the first 6 hours of tutoring


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