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Unparalleled Customization

We are obsessed with building you the perfect program – one that will give you the highest score increases in the least time. To achieve this, we have broken down the SAT to an unprecedented granularity that allows for the most comprehensive curriculum in the industry.



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truePrep Teaching Principles

The truePrep SAT experts, with over 40 years of combined experience working with students and developing curriculum, completely threw out the old model of test prep. These four pedagogical principles are necessary for student success on the SAT and form the backbone of our program. Every trueTutor is certified in our teaching methods.


Students need to successfully solve a question 3-5 times before they have truly mastered a concept — that’s why we have 15 practice questions for each topic (our competitors average only four). Practice does make perfect.


We have broken down the SAT into 562 distinct lessons. With this industry-leading granularity, each lesson teaches only the concept a student needs, at the exact level of difficulty needed, and in the exact format needed on the SAT.


Every single truePrep lesson makes a distinction between the underlying academic principles and the SAT strategies. This gives students every foundational tool they need and makes for much more efficient tutoring.


We subdivide SAT topics into five different levels so that each student is challenged at precisely one level above his current ability. Scaffolding ensures that each minute of tutoring is optimized for maximum score improvement.


You can miss an SAT question for four different reasons, and our proprietary algorithm pinpoints which one tripped you up. We spent over 12,000 hours breaking down the SAT and its components. If you answer a question wrong, we know your specific area of weakness depending on your specific answer choice. Why? Because every minute of tutoring should be used to produce maximum point gain.

Root Lessons

Once truePrep has diagnosed your specific issues and designed your custom program, your trueTutor works to fill any academic content gaps that are holding back your score. Need a refresher on geometric shapes? How about practice on what it means to draw an inference? Want to perfect your understanding of pronouns? We have you covered. P.S. these roots can help you with schoolwork too!

Bridge Lessons

Once your roots are strong, the real SAT magic begins. Your trueTutor helps you take your academic knowledge and redefine it to fit the SAT. You learn the patterns in how concepts are tested and the tactics needed to approach the SAT’s tricks and traps. You begin to approach the test the truePrep way.

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