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What college would your score get you into?

*According to US News and World Report
**25th-75th percentile SAT scores

1Princeton University2090-2360
2Harvard University2070-2350
3Yale University2100-2370
4Columbia University2050-2320
4Stanford University2010-2300
4University of Chicago2055-2340
7Massachusetts Institute of Technology2030-2320
8Duke University2000-2300
8University of Pennsylvania2020-2290
10California Institute of Technology2140-2340
11Dartmouth College2000-2320
12Johns Hopkins University1940-2230
13Northwestern University2030-2280
14Washington University in St. Louis2085-2295
15Cornell University1935-2250
16Brown University1990-2300
16University of Notre Dame1995-2265
16Vanderbilt University2010-2270
19Rice University1970-2270
20University of California- Berkeley1830-2130
21Emory University1960-2240
21Georgetown University1965-2235
23University of California— Los Angeles1730-2100
23University of Virginia1840-2150
25Carnegie Mellon University1910-2220
25University of Southern California1910-2180
27Tufts University2040-2300
27Wake Forest University#N/A
29University of Michigan— Ann Arbor1845-2145
30University of North Carolina— Chapel Hill1800-2080
31Boston College1880-2150
32New York University1830-2140
33College of William and Mary1850-2160
33University of Rochester1820-2100
35Brandeis University1930-2180
35Georgia Institute of Technology1840-2100
37University of California— San Diego1700-2040
38Case Western Reserve University1830-2130
38University of California— Davis1560-1940
40Lehigh University1815-2085
40University of California— Santa Barbara1590-1950
42Boston University1770-2040
42Northeastern University1780-2040
42Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute1850-2130
42University of California— Irvine1590-1900
42University of Illinois— Urbana- Champaign1800-2145
47University of Wisconsin— Madison1740-2070
48Pennsylvania State University— University Park1650-1950
48University of Florida1710-2040
48University of Miami1740-2050
48University of Washington1630-1970
48Yeshiva University1630-1990
53University of Texas— Austin1630-2010
54George Washington University1790-2070
54Ohio State University— Columbus1660-1980
54Pepperdine University1660-2010
54Tulane University1870-2110
58Fordham University1710-2010
58Southern Methodist University1710-2010
58Syracuse University1570-1900
58University of Connecticut1670-1960
62Brigham Young University— Provo1695-2025
62Clemson University1670-1960
62Purdue University— West Lafayette1530-1880
62University of Georgia1690-1980
62University of Maryland— College Park1800-2085
62University of Pittsburgh1740-2040
68Texas A&M University— College Station1580-1910
68Worcester Polytechnic Institute#N/A
70Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey— New Brunswick1600-1940
71American University1750-2060
71Baylor University1620-1935
71University of Iowa1590-1995
71University of Minnesota— Twin Cities1650-2030
71Virginia Tech1650-1940
76Clark University1620-1935
76Indiana University— Bloomington1570-1910
76Marquette University1610-1940
76Miami University— Oxford1740-2050
76Stevens Institute of Technology1710-2010
76SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry1605-1890
76Texas Christian University1570-1910
76University of Delaware1580-1920
76University of Massachusetts— Amherst1590-1920
85Michigan State University1490-1880
85University of California— Santa Cruz1540-1890
85University of Vermont1630-1920
88Binghamton University— SUNY1785-2025
88Colorado School of Mines1740-2025
88Stony Brook University— SUNY1620-1910
88University of Alabama1485-1860
88University of Colorado— Boulder1620-1920
88University of Denver1610-1910
88University of Tulsa1695-2085
95Drexel University1630-1930
95Florida State University1665-1935
95North Carolina State University— Raleigh1590-1890
95University of San Diego1665-1950
99St. Louis University1665-2010
99University of Missouri1590-1950
99University of Nebraska— Lincoln#N/A
99University of New Hampshire1545-1860
103Auburn University1570-1920
103University at Buffalo— SUNY1575-1875
103University of Dayton1545-1875
106Iowa State University1560-1995
106Loyola University Chicago1610-1940
106University of Kansas#N/A
106University of Oklahoma1560-1950
106University of Oregon1482-1828.5
106University of San Francisco1520-1840
106University of Tennessee1560-1935
113University of California— Riverside1370-1740
113University of South Carolina1635-1920
113University of St. Thomas1590-1920
116The Catholic University of America1520-1830
116Duquesne University1540-1810
116Illinois Institute of Technology1698-2033
116Michigan Technological University1590-1970
116University of the Pacific1550-1960
121Clarkson University1540-1860
121Colorado State University1515-1875
121DePaul University1515-1890
121Temple University1500-1810
121University of Arizona1455-1830
126Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey— Newark1430-1740
126Seton Hall University1420-1730
126University at Albany— SUNY1515-1785
129Arizona State University— Tempe1425-1815
129Louisiana State University— Baton Rouge1560-1880
129Ohio University1440-1790
129University of Cincinnati1510-1850
129University of Kentucky1470-1840
129University of Utah1470-1860
135Hofstra University1635-1905
135New School1460-1830
135University of Arkansas1530-1890
138George Mason University1545-1875
138Missouri University of Science & Technology1740-2055
138Oregon State University1440-1815
138Washington State University1430-1770
142Illinois State University#N/A
142Kansas State University#N/A
142St. John Fisher College#N/A
145Howard University1330-1980
145Oklahoma State University1470-1860
145St. John’s University1455-1785
145University of Texas— Dallas1580-1970
149Adelphi University1478-1770
149New Jersey Institute of Technology1530-1845
149San Diego State University1395-1755
149University of Alabama— Birmingham1470-1920
149University of Illinois— Chicago1460-1920
149University of Maryland— Baltimore County1610-1920
149University of Mississippi1380-1770
156Maryville University of St. Louis#N/A
156Mississippi State University1440-1875
156Texas Tech University1460-1770
156University of Massachusetts— Lowell1440-1755
156Virginia Commonwealth University1460-1770
161Biola University1480-2390
161University of Louisville1515-1890
161University of Rhode Island1425-1710
161University of South Florida1550-1860
161University of Wyoming1455-1875
166University of Idaho1430-1780
166University of La Verne1320-1630
168Andrews University1370-1780
168University of Hawaii— Manoa1450-1740
168University of North Dakota1400-1900
168University of South Dakota1400-1900
168West Virginia University#N/A
173Azusa Pacific University1470-1785
173Ball State University1400-1710
173Bowling Green State University1330-1670
173Florida Institute of Technology1560-1905
173Pace University1470-1755
173University of Central Florida1600-1870
173University of Maine1440-1760
173Western Michigan University#N/A
181Edgewood College#N/A
181Immaculata University1260-1580
181North Dakota State University#N/A
181South Dakota State University#N/A
181Spalding University   1#N/A
181St. Mary’s University of Minnesota1449-1747.5
181University of Alabama— Huntsville1530-1905
181University of North Carolina— Greensboro1380-1680
189Southern Illinois University— Carbondale#N/A
189University of Houston1455-1785
189University of Missouri— Kansas City1560-1950
189University of New Mexico1395-1815
189Widener University1350-1650
194Central Michigan University1128-1610
194Indiana University- Purdue University— Indianapolis1310-1640
194Kent State University1350-1725
194Northern Illinois University1320-1770
194University of Montana1440-1780
194University of Nevada— Reno1402.5-1770
194Utah State University1410-1815
201Louisiana Tech University1350-1710
201University of North Carolina— Charlotte1420-1700